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AirBox is a compact and easy-to-install environmental sanitization apparatus, capable of treating all the air present in a medium-sized room. It uses the photochemical reaction of the P.C.O. (Photo Catalytic Oxidation) on the air that is made to flow inside the apparatus. The Airbox can be assimilated to everyday appliances, does not use ventilation or centralized air conditioning of the rooms and works autonomously and continuously to constantly ensure the microbiological safety of air and surfaces, sanitizing and eliminating bacteria, viruses, moulds, yeasts and fungi, V.O.C and Nox from the environment, also reducing the presence of PM and unpleasant smells.

Thus it becomes possible to sanitize the environments without the need for invasive and structural interventions, alongside the device to household appliances of daily use.

Technical features
Color: White
Material: Body - in laser-worked aluminum
Power: 30 W
Design: Modern and linear

Dimensions: 300x200x90 mm
Weight: 1400 gr